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AgrenNewEnergy BV


AgrenNewEnergy BV (AG) is a Dutch - based holding company with currently two wholly owned subsidiaries.


Agro Novas Energias Limited is a Mozambique -based subsidiary of and AgrenNovas Energias Brazil is a Brazilian based subsidiary. With the target to reach the whole world with plantations of Crambe and Energy Crops, AgrenNewEnergy is bringing new varieties to different countries for the development of large scale plantation for Biofuels and the Quimistry industry goals.


The core competences and activities of AGREN are seed breeding, multiplication and trials. Trade Biomass liquid and solids according to RED and Food crops and Edible


Key success factors for AGREN are deep expertise in seed breeding (particularly including non-food crop seeds) necessary to produce superior varieties, as well as demonstrable success in running field-based growing trials based around Crambe seed varieties in various global locations.


E.G.: European Consortium, Solid Biomass projects with Sugar cane Bagasse, Eucalyptus and Miscanthus grass.